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Things to Do in Venice Italy – Sunday Spotlight

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Sunday Spotlight – Things to do in Venice, Italy

The Sunday Spotlight series is a collaboration of travel tips and stories shared by other travel bloggers and traveler’s around the web.

We hope these tips and stories will inform and inspire you to visit Venice. If you have already been to Venice, please share a Venice travel tip in the comments down below!

Top tips for travel to Venice, Italy

Venice’s Biggest Tourist Traps and How to Avoid Them

Venice is certainly full of tourist traps that can turn into expensive lessons, but Johnny Jet says knowing how to avoid them will save you from leaving Serenissima with a sour taste.

5 Lesser-Known Venice Museums You Have to Visit

Venice is so beautiful it’d be easy to spend an entire visit wandering the side streets of Canareggio or Dorsduro, or drawn into the Accademia and the Guggenheim Collection. While these sites are certainly worth exploring, they can distract you from discovering other treasures. Here are five off-the-beaten-path museums in Venice.

Top 10 Travel Tips for Visiting Venice, Italy
What is there to say about this storied city that hasn’t been said by some of the world’s best poets thousands of times over? Katie Lara asked her sister to share her top travel tips and advice about what to do in Venice, Italy.

6 Tips to Know Before You Go to Venice
Enchanting, fascinating, and (frankly) drop-dead gorgeous. No matter how much you’ve read up on the city, some things about it can, well, be surprising! Here are the top six things Walks of Italy wish they ‘d known about Venice.

Alternative Itinerary in Venice

Most tourists only visit three or four sights in Venice, making the streets that join St. Mark’s Square with Rialto and the Accademia Bridge a nightmare packed with people. Stefania grew up near Venice and her favorite part, and one that is always a winner when her friends come to visit is Madonna dell’Orto, in the sestiere (neighborhood) of Cannaregio.

How to visit Venice On A Budget

How To See Venice On A Budget (No, Really)

Like other top European destinations such as London and Paris, Venice has a reputation for being pretty expensive.

If you’re not careful you could end up blowing half your budget on one meal — albeit, probably a very good one — but Venice certainly doesn’t have to be a bank breaker.

How to Budget Travel in Venice

If you want to wine, dine and gondola, be prepared to bring the big bucks.

However, Venice is a city too beautiful and unique to miss even if you’re on a budget Euro trip. While it’s extremely difficult to travel cheaply, it is possible to travel cheaper than you’d expect, and still have a wonderful time.

How To Travel Venice On The Cheap

Venice is easy to fall in love with, but even the Venetians struggle with their city’s price tag. Plan ahead and prioritize your sightseeing in Venice and it will forever be a highlight of your European travels.

3 Tips For Saving Money in Venice

Venice owes much of its tourist afflux to its reputation of being one of the most romantic cities in the world. But the magic of a romantic getaway quickly vanishes when you see the prices. Be sure to check out these 3 essential tips to save some money in Venice.

Venice, Italy
credit: Gary Ullah

Things to do in Venice With Kids

What are the five best things to do with kids in Venice?

Though most think of Venice as a locale for romantic escapes, the Italian city can also be child-friendly — you just have to know which activities to look for. Here are five of Forbes Travel Guide’s favorite things to do with children in Venice.

We Took 6 Kids to Venice and Nobody Fell in a Canal

In Venice, the thing that you want to see? Is Venice. Yes, there are museums, and yes there are ruins, but if that’s what you’re looking for, pick another city. You can go island hopping, you can walk 30 minutes to visit a church, but the alley around the corner might be just as cool, or cooler.

5 Things to Do in Venice with Kids

Venice with kids is perhaps not the same kind of magical as it might be with your one true love, but it is magic nonetheless. Here are 5 things you can do with your kids to make it unforgettable for them

Venice, Italy
credit: aglet

Places to stay in Venice

For places to stay in Venice choose from the largest range of hotels, apartments, and guesthouses with our partner You get free cancellation on most rooms, and in most cases, you only pay when you stay.

For a unique local stay, don’t forget about Airbnb! From luxurious homes and private apartments with exquisite views, Airbnb has you covered! Click here to see what is available for your trip to Venice!

Places to eat in Venice

10 budget restaurants in Venice

Tripadvisor put together a list of the top Venice restaurants for the budget conscious traveler looking to experience the wonderful food on offer.

5 Places To Eat & Drink In Venice

Between rampant street thievery and skyrocketing menu prices, Venice can be quite the expensive proposition. Here are five places worth a shot — alongside some hard-earned advice on avoiding Venetian pitfalls

Insider’s guide to Venice

Venice has an appalling reputation for food, largely because the vast majority of restaurants churn out crowd-pleasing tourist fodder washed down with chianti from ghastly straw-clad bottles. But if you avoid the tourist traps and seek out the authentic back-street osterie and bacari (taverns and wine bars) the food is actually rather good.

Where to eat good traditional food without being ripped off?

Many people who have visited Venice complain that the food is expensive and dull. It is not, if you follow a few rules. Basically, all restaurants with touts inviting you in are to be avoided, especially near St. Mark’s Square and Strada Nuova. Local Stefania shares her top 5 favourite places to eat good traditional food in Venice.

Venice, Italy
credit: L Barnard

Plan Your Trip to Venice, Italy

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Tours of Venice

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Best travel tips for Venice, Italy

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