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12 Southeast Asia Attractions the kids will love

Noodles for breakfast, sailing pirate ships at lunch and putting out fires for dinner.

What kid would not want to spend their holidays in Southeast Asia?

For Australians, a visit to Southeast Asia is convenient. The region is close, the exchange rate generally works in our favour and the locals love kids.

But with such a wide range of cultures and a plethora of countries to visit how do you decide which one is going to be best for your family?

Below are 4 countries with fun attractions that we think have something for everyone in your family, especially the kids, because let’s face it, if they are happy then mum and dad are happy too.

Bali, Indonesia

There is a very good reason Australians continue to flock to Bali each year and it’s not just for cheap beer.

Bali has a huge number of things for families to do, and sipping cocktails in the resort pool bar while the kids are in kids club is only one of them.

Our top 3 things to do in Bali with kids.

1. Waterbom Park

Travel to South East Asia with kids (1)

The whole family will want to spend at least a day or two screaming on the thrilling waterslides or gently floating down the lazy river. And even younger kids will have a ball with the smaller child-friendly slides.

Love water parks? Check out Volcano Bay in Universal Orlando Resort, Florida

2. Canyon Tubing & Quad Biking

Something for the older kids.

Hidden deep in the jungle north of Ubud, the whole family can take a fun quad bike tour through small villages and tropical rainforest.

Then after lunch hop in an inflatable tube and drift down a scenic river bordered by a steep canyon with lush, cool, shady. The perfect combination of excitement and relaxation.

3. Bali Safari & Marine Park

This is actually 4 parks in one, so enjoy seeing the animals in the Marine park and the Safari park before heading over to the small water park and rides in the amusement park.

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Next stop Singapore.

Singapore is immaculately clean, safe and very child- friendly. Be prepared to spend a little bit more money in this country, but it will be well worth it.

Our top 3 things to do in Singapore with kids:

4. Universal Studios

Kids of all ages will want to stay the whole day.

You will be enamored with the number of rides on offer, food to try and shows to see. Not to mention the excitement the little ones will have when meeting characters from their favorite movies.

Here are all our tips for visiting Universal Studios in Orlando and Universal Studios in Japan

5. Port of Lost Wonder

A beachside pirate ship with water guns, slides and tipping buckets, makes this a great day out for the younger members of the family.

But parents don’t disappear, there’s free Wi-Fi at the Port of Lost Wonder too!

South East Asia with kids (1)

6. Singapore Zoo & Night Safari

This is one of the best zoos in the world and definitely worth a visit. Bring your swimmers, as there is a kids water park half way through, which is a huge relief on a hot tropical day.

Stay until the evening and walk to the nearby Night Safari to see nocturnal animals in action and fire-breathing dancers.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Most parents think of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as a teeming metropolitan with nothing to do but shop and eat. But we guarantee there is a lot more to Kuala Lumpur then that.

Our top 3 things to do in Kuala Lumpur with kids:

7. Kidznania

This is a little world built for kids.

Your children will have a field day playing the part of any number of adult careers including fire fighters, dentists, pilots, chefs and more. Oh, and did I mention there is a parent retreat upstairs with free Wi-Fi.

South East Asia with kids (2)

8. KLCC Playground

Right in the city center is a vast area that sets the benchmark for public playgrounds.

Situated beside this is a public wading pool. And then just outside the nearby Suria Shopping Mall, you will find a beautiful fountain display.

Head there one evening for a play, a swim and then oohs and ahhs at the evening fountain show. The mall also has plenty to do including a science museum, cinemas, and shopping.

9. Sunway Lagoon

Amusement park, water park, resort. If you are looking for a special treat, stay at the resort and spend a few days enjoying this Asian wonderland.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Here’s our wildcard. Why would anyone want to take their kids to the hectic city of Bangkok, Thailand?

Well, other than the great tasting food, memorable rides in fast-paced tuk-tuks and colossal shopping malls here are 3 other reasons.

Our top 3 things to do in Bangkok with kids:

10. Fantasia Lagoon

This was a complete surprise.

A small waterpark located on the roof of a shopping mall. What makes this such a great day out was the superlow entry price of only AUD$7 each. Bargain!

Travel to South East Asia with kids (4)

11. Ocean World

A well-maintained aquarium, again in the heart of a shopping mall. You can even ride a glass bottom boat over the shark tank or walk along the ocean floor.

The range of marine life is massive, and the complex is very pram friendly.

12. Royal Dragon Restaurant

Not your typical Chinese restaurant.

This restaurant holds the Guinness World Record for the largest restaurant with over 5000 seats. Plus your food could be delivered on roller skates or zipline. There’s even a show held every night on a stage propped above the water.

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Hopefully, these 4 locations have whet your appetite because there is a whole lot more countries out there offering family friendly holidays.

For your next family holiday think outside the box and discover Southeast Asia. You will not only find so much variety and entertainment, but you will probably end up saving money as well.

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21 thoughts on “12 Southeast Asia Attractions the kids will love”

  1. I think Asia is one giant playground for kids! So much to do, so much fun to be had and so many beautiful gentle people who will genuinely go out of their way to be hospitable and helpful. I love Asia! Perfect spot for holidays with kids!

  2. I hope you could also visit Manila. You can go to Manila Ocean Park or The Mind Museum at Taguig. There are nearby places like Tagaytay or Subic. Tagaytay has Residence Inn and a new theme park. Subic has a safari and zipline adventures.

  3. I think you can have a great trip anywhere you go on holiday. Every country has unique places and attractions that you can enjoy and have fun. I didn’t expected Asia to have such impressive things. What is your favorite place to do?

  4. Viajes a Vietnam

    Thanks Erin for sharing this awesome post. Now I’m aware about lots of great destination in south east Asia.

      1. Hi im planning on taken my 2 year old travelling next year alone ! Im thinking thailand (bangkok..phuket) ..cambodia ..singapore..laos..kuala lumpur..& bali im planning a 6-7 week trip so maybe wont fit those places in ! But would like to do most ! Wher would u recommend i try with a toddler ? I like the nice views..beaches unusual but with also stuff to do with the little one .. If you could reply with some info on where to start or a bit of guidance would be great as i dont know wher to start ! Thankyou. X

  5. Hi, Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us. I enjoyed the entire article and keep rocking! Lot of visitors will easily get attracted to such great blog post

  6. Wow, I love this article. I’ve been to different parts of Asia but not rediscovering it with my 4-year-old. I never knew there were so many cool places to visit. I super love that pirate ship one in Singapore. When your kid is too young for Universal Studios, I think that would be a better option. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Hello,

    Loved your article, short and simple. Would you be willing to collaborate with a website that I am working with?

    It specialises in family travel throughout Asia.

  8. Great post from Erin! We agree Waterbom is a lot of fun in Bali, we have been 5 times now!! Can’t wait to try out Singapore with the kids, thanks for the tips 🙂

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