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Fish Foot Spa Treatment, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

The idea of having a beauty treatment date with a school of flesh eating fish scared me a little.

Childhood piranha nightmares coming true.

Apparently the latest fashion in pedicures is to have a fish foot spa treatment.

That’s right. A fish foot pedicure.

It’s the best form of exfoliation around apparently. Just put your crusted and caked up feet into a pond of flesh eating fish and when you pull them back out again they’ll be smooth and ready to show off in your best pair of heels.

Problem is you have to be able to withstand hundreds of tiny little mouths feasting on your feet.

And they feast alright.

Their bulging eyes poke out of the water like a crocodile on watch, while their mouths open wide and close again in anticipation of the dead skin to come. I swear some of them were turning into flying fish just to get at my feet.

Why would another living thing want to eat dead skin?

That is all I could think about as a I slowly lowered my feet inside the fish foot spa.

Well they weren’t really lowered, they were pushed down by my traavellign companion, Thang. He found it hilarious and wanted to capture my reaciton on video.

Fish foot spa treatment

I have really ticklish feet and they went into overdrive when all those little mouths lurched onto my feet and began nibbling.

It was gross.

They were slimy and wiggly and were pushing each other out of the way for the chance to amke me feel squirmish and sick.

I could only stand it for a minute at time before taking them out and having them pushed back in again. I couldn’t believe the calm composure of the people around me while I squirmed and squealed and giggled.

(Thang thought he was funny capturing it on video for all of you tube to see. Little did he know I had my own camera spies out filming myself, but also sneaking in footage of how much he enjoyed it!)

Press play to see our reactions to the flesh eating fish foot spa treatment in action.

Pretty disgusting right?

Do you think you could handle the fish foot spa treatment?

Or have you already had the fish pedicure?

P.S. After having the flesh eating fish devour my feet I learned what a unhygenic practice this is. Germs can be easily spread from one foot to the other. So please save yourself some infectious diseases by avoiding fish spa treatments. I really don’t think you are missing much anyway.

I traveled to Malaysia courtesy of Malaysia airlines and Tourism Malaysia. If you’re inspired to check out Malaysia just as I have, head to for more info

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